Chris Blake

Award Winning Artist

Chris Blake is an Award winning Artist and came to Australia as a teenage ten pound pom. For a number of years, he worked as a roustabout on a sheep and cattle station at Windorah in west Queensland and his new-found love of the outback and its people has sustained him in his art today. He has had an interesting life working in a variety of jobs from railway fettler, heating installer, welder, boat builder, owner home building, art teacher, musician and gigolo.

However, throughout his life, Chris has always sustained his passion for drawing. He took painting seriously in the 1990’s, joining the newly formed Caloundra Learning Cooperative and soon became a popular art tutor. A visit to the UK in 1997 introduced Chris to the use of pastels which married well with his sketching ability. A number of awards in art competitions enabled him to become a master pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia in 2004.
While his favourite subjects include outback landscapes, boats and figures in interesting town contexts, he has an eclectic

range of subject matter and it is difficult to pin him down to one genre. Whatever he does, it is usually exciting and dramatic.

Chris could be described as a tonal colourist. In his paintings, he pushes tones to their dark and light extremes while still retaining the intensity of colour in his pastels, oils, acrylics and pen and wash.

Chris is also a dynamic tutor and demonstrator, giving speedy and informative demonstrations of technique, while at the same time adding spice and interesting, humorous stories and anecdotes. He ensures that his students learn as much as they can while still having a lot of fun.

He is represented in a number of private collections in Australia and overseas.

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