Christine Parrish

Flower Arrangements | Water Colors

Born in Sydney in 1946 Christine is a dedicated artist and specialises in floral studies capturing the beauty of flowers in their individual arrangement.

Christine is accomplished in water colours, oils and acrylics and has been a full time artist for most of her adult life.

Christine studied and has been widely influenced by the late Alan D Baker for 10 years prior to his death. Alan recognised the talent and work ethic in Christine imparting her with helpful knowledge and encouragement. This succeeded in producing the sort after artist that resulted in Christine’s paintings. Alan D Baker was regarded as the foremost painter of floral masterpieces in Australia and Christine’s work certainly shows that admiration of this great artist.

Alan encouraged her to paint from life, arranging her flowers in her studio or on location capturing that special atmospheric moment. Christine’s paintings have given pleasure to many collectors and are a welcomed addition to any home.

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