Katy Edwards

Water Colours, Acrylics and now Alcohol Tiles | Naïve Art Style

Katy Edwards is one of Australia’s most prominent Naïve (naïve is not a derogatory term in the art and means simplistic, childlike, anecdotal and detailed, the artist usually self-taught and untrained) artists and has won international acclaim through overseas exhibitions in London, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Katy became well known in Australia in particular through the sales of her wide range of limited-edition reproduction prints, the most popular being her Regatta and Noosa series.

She delights in the fact that her prints are throughout hospitals such as the Wesley, the Oncology Departments at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, the Queensland Radium Institute at RBH, John Flynn Hospital, and in professional suites. This gives real meaning to her work as sick patients have attention diverted from their problems while they view her happy scenes.

Her prints hang on walls all over the world, reminding owners of their life in or trips to Australia. The Regatta series has completely sold out.

Katy was the featured artist at Expo 88 in Brisbane and was flown to Osaka, Japan in order to paint a commission for the New Otani Hotel in her unique style. In 2017 she returned to this hotel and found that her image is being used in merchandising there.

Fans know to look for her pets (now deceased) – the ginger moggie and her three dogs. She includes her family, friends and the ever-present joggers, tourists and lovers in most of her scenes.

In the last years of her painting career, Katy was busy painting prestigious Colleges. These paintings have been reproduced as limited editions and have been great fund-raisers for these schools. However, they are sold only at these schools and being so popular, sold out long ago.

Several big Japanese companies have had their calendars made with her images. Her last large original of the “Karuna Art Markets” was donated to this wonderful hospice and hangs in their lobby now to be used for fund-raising purposes. The Queensland State Library holds a collection of her prints for posterity as in years to come people will be able to look back on these times and learn with humour about our style of life. Grandma Moses did this in her paintings in America and we now know so much about the everyday life of those times through her naïve art.

Since retiring, Katy gave away her oil paints and her Naïve style completely but has in recent years taken up water colours, acrylics and now Alcohol Tiles. She is more productive and more excited artistically than every now in her later years.

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